An IoT Access Control System for Workshops

Centralized access control system for the University of Southern Denmark in S√łnderborg. This project was started as a semester project with a group of students, and was continually developed by my colleague and I, alongside our studies. Allows students to use their student ID cards to access 3D printers and laser cutter. The system was built to make it easier for administrators to grant or revoke access to machinery in the workshop.

It features Raspberry Pi based nodes to control the locks, read RFID tags, turn on lights, etc.

Written in Go.

See the project on Gitlab.


Real-time Module Tracking for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

My bachelor project for my BSc in Mechatronics, written in collaboration with another student.

The goal of the project was to track machinery of a reconfigurable manufacturing system, and adjust the position in a digital twin. Using HTC Vive trackers with the SteamVR tracking system, the position of machines in Tecnomatix (Siemens plant simulation software) automatically updated to the real world position. Very high precision, with a GUI to assign trackers to certain machines.

See the project on Github.

Steam Review Tool

A small command line tool written in Python to retrieve reviews from an app on Steam and optionally translate non-english reviews. The output is a CSV file with the most relevant fields.

See the project on Github